Monday, 3 July 2017

New Interns first impressions!

First Impressions
By: Heather Sieger and Helen Waghorne! My name is Heather, and I am from Austin, Texas. I just finished my second year at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, studying human ecology with a focus on environmental science and conservation. I am particularly passionate about marine conservation, ocean litter prevention and clean-up, and marine education. Sea Synergy connects these interests and works toward educating others about threats our ocean faces.
I love to travel and am excited to be in Ireland for the first time. Before arriving at Sea Synergy, I visited Dublin, Galway, Doolin, and Dingle. I have enjoyed learning about Ireland and the Irish culture. Although I’ve only been at Sea Synergy for a week, I’ve enjoyed the beautiful landscape and kind people. We have had some lovely sunny days as well as windy rainy days, but each one has been enjoyable nonetheless. The vibrant green mountains and never-ending ocean views are astonishing, and I feel incredibly lucky to spend the next seven weeks here.
Last week the other interns and I went on a spectacular evening walk from Caherdaniel to Waterville organized by the Community Centre. We learned the history of the area, enjoyed Irish singing, and met great people. I have also done two seal surveys this week and loved watching the seals lay out on the rocky island and swim around. I’ve enjoyed learning about the marine life on the coast of Ireland and noticing the striking similarities to marine life in Maine. I’m looking forward to swimming and snorkeling on warm days, Sea Camp, and meeting the people who come into the centre to learn about the Wild Atlantic Way.
I love working with children, exploring new places, learning new things, snorkeling and diving, and knitting. I am so excited for the opportunities and experiences this summer holds and can’t wait to explore alongside Lucy, Christie, Cian, and Helen.

Dive 5 (Santa Rosa Sea Spider Still).pngHello! I’m Helen and I’m currently studying for an Integrated Masters in Marine Biology at the University of Southampton. I was born in Yorkshire but spent the majority of my life in Singapore where I’ve been diving since I was young. I love the marine world and Sea Synergy’s focus on education and conservation is exactly what made me want to spend my summer here, as well as wanting to explore more about the marine life in Ireland and colder waters.
I am really looking forward to when the summer Sea Camps start in a few weeks, since the chance to work with groups of different people and share my passion for the underwater world and everything in it is exactly what I want to do. Especially working with children who are so much fun to work with. I also can’t wait to do some snorkelling and diving or to visit the Skelligs and see a real puffin for the first time.
Being in Waterville has been amazing, not only is it great to be so close to the ocean and the beach considering I’ve been living in a city with no beach but I love being in a small town where it is nice and quiet. At first it was a little disconcerting waking up to birds instead of car horns but now that I’ve gotten used to it, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to go back to a noisy city. It was great going for a morning swim with Christie, Cian and Esmee before opening Sea Synergy even if it was a little freezing, and I hope that we’ll get a chance to do it again.

Fingers crossed I’ll have a summer full of excitement and have a wonderful time teaching, sharing and learning more.

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