Thursday, 30 June 2016

Meet the very important people in Sea Synergy this summer, without their help we could not keep going. I am forever grateful to all the people who help Sea Synergy grow, are raising marine awareness and partaking in very important research in the local area! Go raibh mile maith agat!!

Hey there! I’m Louise, and I’m a thalassophile - I love the sea! Growing up in a big city, London no less, didn’t stop my emerging fascination for nature and, in particular, the ocean; the biodiversity and outstanding beauty of our coasts hooked me at a young age and I have been under the spell ever since! 
I have been studying Marine Biology at the University of Southampton which has been an invaluable experience, but sitting in a lecture doesn’t excite me quite like having your toes in the sand and the smell of the sea all around you. Any excuse to immersed in nature and I’m there! Another thing about me is that I absolutely love kids and the pure joy that they bring to life. Their curiosity and energy is something to be embraced. I can’t think of anything better than combining my two passions by working with children every day to encourage and inspire them to love and care for the world around us.

The moment I read about Sea Synergy and the voluntary position available I emailed my friend the link with the words, ‘I want it’. Her response, ‘Go. For. It.’. A letter, an interview and a few emails to Lucy later and here I am today! Sea Synergy embodies all of the things I am most enthusiastic about: marine biology, environmental education, conservation, mental wellbeing and kids. I cannot put into words how excited I am for the rest of summer!
Louise rock pooling

Hi, my name is Sadhbh - I’m a Wildlife Biology student at IT Tralee, originally hailing from Dublin. Far from my city roots, I’m a total nature and wildlife junkie and love to travel and spend most of my time outdoors – which makes the job spec of a marine biologist pretty much my idea of heaven! My background is in kayaking and rock climbing but I have a passion for all things outdoors – any excuse will have me out on the ocean, cycling through the countryside or hiking toward a great view. I believe in creating space to pursue your passions within your chosen profession and, in doing so, making the word ‘job’ obsolete!
I came to Sea Synergy because of the passion and drive I saw here for the protection of the oceans which I believe has the power to inspire people to effect real and lasting change on our little island - and on its attitude toward the sea on which it is so very dependent for survival. All positive change starts with a single voice in the crowd and I’m really excited to be adding mine J
Sadhbh looking after a baby turtle

Hi I'm Eleanor (or you can call me Ellie :)) I graduated from Bangor Universtiy with a degree in Marine Biology in 2008, then after travelling for a few years I settled back home in south Kerry. I work locally in Waterville and enjoy helping out at Sea Synergy when I'm not too busy walking the dog, drinking tea or trying to grow vegetables from food scraps on my kitchen window!!

Ellie very happy after an aerial survey for whales & dolphins

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