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I am posting to let you know of a book I am writing and researching called The Sea; What it Means to Me. I would love to have a contribution from you on what the sea means to you personally in the book. Of course in the book names and businesses will be mentioned so a bit of advertising for you too :)I'm writing and looking for contributions from some sea souls and all walks of life really, just to show how important the sea is to us as a nation. Not just resources and work-wise but neurologically how we are wired to it and it gives us different emotions, feelings and allows us to survive and have amazing experiences in our life. I really just want to get the message out there that the sea is special to all of us no matter who we are. I would like to build a better connection and instil a sense of appreciation and responsibility towards the sea creating marine stewardship all in a very positive way. The sea has given me so much in life that it would be nice to give something back. Part of the proceeds would go to Irish Life boats and Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

I recently set up Sea Synergy Marine Awareness & Activity Centre in Waterville, Co. Kerry to raise awareness of Irish marine life and marine conservation and was featured in TV3 Dream job for being passionate about my work you can check it out on LH Marine website video

Below is a short description of the book:

The book The Sea; What it Means to Me raises awareness of the importance of the sea and the potential the sea has for Ireland and the people of Ireland. It incorporates interesting and fun facts and figures of the industries and resources Ireland gains from the sea and gives a range of different people’s perspective on the sea and what it means to them. Written by Marine Biologist Lucy Hunt with contributions from fishermen, seafarers, Olympians, scientists, surfers and national sporting icons, this book is a uniquely holistic insight into the innate connection the people of Ireland have with our first frontier and aims to increase peoples’ sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for the marine environment encouraging marine stewardship. Part of the proceeds will go towards charities such as Irish Life boats and the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.

The sea is special to us in many different ways and your contribution on how the sea makes you feel, what it has done for you in your life and how you have connected with the sea may inspire many others to respect the sea as much as you do.

If you have any queries regarding the book please feel free to call me on 0877850929 or email me on Should you know of anyone else that might be interested in this project and contribute please forward on their contact details or send them on this email.

If you were able to write a page or less (500words) on what the sea means to you and include a photo of you and the sea, it would be a great asset to the book. I will need all contributions in before the end of April if possible.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Kindest regards,

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